Your Audience is Online. Let Us Connect You.

Digital Advertising has quickly become the best way to reach your audience.  It’s exponential growth over the past decade has created tremendous opportunities for advertisers to communicate their messages to consumers online.  Ignite Ad Technology is pleased to be at the forefront of the digital advertising industry and looks forward to working with you to help maximize your digital advertising dollars.



Be direct. Get Results.
Ignite Ad Technology is pleased to work with over 500 networks to bring clients unparalleled access to inventory from websites around the globe.


Stay on the move.
80% of Internet users own a smartphone and 50% of them grab it immediately after they wake up! Your customers are obviously mobile, so reach them on the move.


Make lasting connections.
The Internet has never been so social. Traffic to social media networks continues to rise at an exponential pace, providing huge opportunities to reach customers.


Make an impact.
Online video is dominating the web. Users are doubling their consumption of online videos every year. There’s no better way to connect with your customers online.


Become the answer.
Search engines have become a part of everyday life. Your customers are asking questions and search advertising allows you to be the answer.


Keep customers engaged.
Stay top of mind with sound cross-platform re-targeting strategies and dynamic creative. Your customers have expressed their interest, so follow up and close the loop.



RTB has revolutionized online ad buying. This dynamic technology creates value at the impression level and ensures you only receive and pay for the impressions you want.


Your campaign’s performance will improve as it progresses with Ignite Ad Technology’s advanced optimization strategies. Our proprietary algorithms will ensure optimal campaign performance.


You know your customers, so let us help you find them. We can directly target based on wide-ranging demographics and behaviors. Then we can help you find new customers just like the ones you have.


Let Ignite Ad Technology’s proprietary reporting system, PSYDAR, provide insights into your campaign performance and customer behavior, while providing sound recommendations for continued improvements.


Where your ad displays is important. You’ve built a solid brand reputation and we help protect it online. Our brand security methodologies ensure your ad is displayed appropriately and never where it shouldn’t.

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