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Display Delivers

Display Advertising, or web banners as they’re often referred, allow your product or service to be displayed prominently on websites your customers and clients frequently visit. Using programmatic buying as well as specific site placements, Ignite Ad Technology is able to precisely select which types of websites to use for your campaign, and then deliver your message directly to your potential customers.

Ignite Ad Technology employs a wide variety of targeting techniques including channels, interests, demographics, context and topics, as well as locations and time of day. It’s even possible to target users who’ve previously interacted with your company and bring them back to you for repeat business. As a result, your campaign reaches your target audience faster, while saving you time and money. Your ad is seen by the right person at the right time, every time; it’s all about relevancy

Get Social With Ignite

Social Media has forever changed the way we communicate. People connect effortlessly over great distances, creating vast online communities of like-minded individuals gathered on easy to access platforms.  Facebook alone is accounts for approximately 25% of all online traffic.  The advertising potential is enormous.

Social Media environments each have their own very restricted set of advertising parameters. You’re limited by what you can do with it, and even further by what it can do for you. Ignite Ad Technolgy has developed a custom platform to remove these barriers, giving you complete control over your media buy. You can pinpoint your potential customers by age, gender, location, language, as well as advanced targeting including likes, interests, keywords, relationships, and status updates.

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Video Killed the Radio Star

The emotional power of video has not changed; just the delivery model.  Branded videos, or videos on banner advertising allow for your product or service’s message to roll out before, in the middle, or while you’re targeted audience watches their self-selected video content. These pre-roll and display systems are effective on YouTube, Facebook, CNN, BBC, MSN, etc. using programmatic buying for a highly targeted campaign.

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Catch Them If You Can

People are on the move – and they bring their technology with them.  Mobile advertising places your message directly in their hands, on a variety of devices.

Ignite Ad Technology’s programmatic buying allows access to a wide variety of mobile ad inventory across mobile websites, social networks, search engines, games, apps, and videos.  Target your audience regardless of location, and better yet, specific to location.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Try, try again.  Your message has garnered attention, your website has been visited, now what?  Ignite Ad Technology’s cross-platform retargeting capabilities and unique strategies help you re-engage your audience and convert visitors into customers.

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