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Real Time Bidding

Traditionally, advertisers bid to buy impressions in ‘buckets’ of 1,000 through an auction-based static system. This means advertisers pay a flat or fixed average rate for each impression in that bucket.

Don’t Waste another cent. Ever.

Ignite Ad Technology uses Real-Time Bidding on pre-qualified exchanges, ensuring we pay fair market price instead of other pricing methodologies, which can ultimately over-inflate the price of unmonitored and unregulated traffic.


All great things get better with time. Your digital campaign should too. Ignite Ad Technology’s advanced optimization strategies ensure your campaign is operating at its full potential.

ROI Optimization

Ignite utilizes Universal Frequency Caps across multiple publishers and platforms and uses various optimization data points, such as click-through rate and hourly trend prediction algorithms, to deliver high quality traffic in a safe and secure manner, providing the best return on any online advertising investment.

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Targeting & Audience Definition

Ignite Ad Technology advanced ad placement technology supports extensive targeting, including geography, time of day, demographic, keyword, interest, behavioral and re-targeting.

Stronger Connections.

Finding your target audience is only the beginning. Building their profiles, understanding how they interact and use the web, sharing in their interests, observing their shopping and spending habits – gaining a solid insight about your audience in order to better communicate with them is the next step.


Accountability matters. Gain access to key insights and campaign reporting through Ignite Success Reports. Our reports let you know exactly how many people saw your ad, how many people clicked your ad, and can even identify their behaviors afterwards. We’ll let you know what creative is working and can quickly make changes on the fly to remove poorly performing ads. This simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Propel your marketing efforts further.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurements and Return On Investment (ROI) evaluations allow you to see exactly how your money is being spent and the overall effectiveness of your ad buy. You can get to know your audience, how they use and interact on the web with products and services, their likes and interests, and build a lasting relationship based on a mutual understanding of each other.

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Ignite Ad Technology delivers lasting impressions. We also protect brands in the process. We understand that you’ve worked hard to build your brand and we want to make sure we protect it by displaying your ad in the appropriate places. We closely monitor traffic quality through our stringent reporting to ensure ads are running in a safe and secure environment. We employ industry leading practices and software technology to help keep your brand safe. Your brand is in trusted hands with Ignite Media.

Safeguard your brand’s future.

The Brand Security and Protection services offered by Ignite Media prevent your brand from appearing on less than reputable sites that could damage your brand’s image. Ignite Media has many filters that work in conjunction with your company’s profile, making only the most appropriate media buys and never jeopardizing your brand’s image.


PSYDAR™ is Ignite Ad Technology’s revolutionary digital ad software. Currently in development and awaiting beta testing, PSYDAR™ will forever change how customers manage their digital ad dollars. Check back soon for updates and launch dates.

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